Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Non-collective sanitation

The mandatory diagnostics

The " sanitation " diagnosis must be established for any property used as a dwelling that is not connected to thecollective sanitation system, i.e. to the public wastewater collection network.

Note: if the property is partially connected to the public network, this diagnosis must be established.

The control of the installation is carried out by the Service Public de l'Assainissement Non Collectif (SPANC). It is necessary to contact the commune to obtain the contact details of the competent service.

The control allows to verify that the sanitation installation does not involve any danger for the public health and the safety of the persons.

After its control, the SPANC draws up a report of visit, which is inserted in the file of technical diagnoses joined to the compromise (or to the promise) then to thenotarial act of sale. This inspection is valid for 3 years.

Note: when thenon-collective sanitation installation is not in conformity, the buyer has the obligation to carry out the works of setting in conformity within one year after thenotarial act of sale.
It is useful to have these works quantified by an estimate and to attach it to the compromise of sale, so that the buyer is clearly informed of the cost of the necessary works.